VR-Hut utilisation d'Odoo V16 pour un centre de loisirs

Interview avec Anthony Pitsy

Discover VR-Hut: a virtual reality leisure centre

VR-Hut offers an immersive virtual reality experience, setting itself apart as a must-see leisure centre located in Waterloo, Walloon Brabant. In an interesting video, we witness a lively conversation between Anthony Pitsy and Arnaud Michel, VR-Hut's manager. The central topic is the use of Odoo to manage the centre.

Understanding Odoo : An integrated business management system

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Odoo is an open source business management system that centralises all a company's activities on a single platform. Whether for accounting, stock management or customer relations, Odoo offers an all-in-one solution for businesses of all sizes.

Adopting Odoo : An obvious choice for VR-Hut

For VR-Hut, adopting Odoo was an obvious choice for Arnaud Michel and his team. As he illustrates in the video, the company needed an efficient, customised management system to handle bookings, payments, stocks and customer relations.

The Service Company: Odoo implementation specialist

That's where The Service Company comes in, as they specialise in implementing Odoo for SMEs. Thanks to their expertise, The Service Company was able to provide VR-Hut with a tailor-made solution, integrating Odoo into their website and adapting the functionality to meet the company's specific requirements.

Notable results: Efficient management thanks to Odoo

The result? A high-performance management system that allows VR-Hut to monitor its activities in real time, to better identify its customers' needs and to develop personalised offers based on their profile.

In addition, VR-Hut offers a complete and innovative leisure experience, supported by an efficient and adapted management system. For virtual reality enthusiasts and entrepreneurs looking for effective management solutions, this video is a must!

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