Odoo >< Effitrace Connector

Vous souhaitez sous-traiter entièrement votre logistique et connecter votre ERP  avec votre prestataire 3PL ? Découvrez notre connecteur Odoo >< Effitrace. Notre équipe vous propose une solution sur mesure pour sous-traiter de manière fluide votre logistique. 

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A made-to-measure solution to link 

your logistics outsourcing processes

Do you want to save time, be more efficient and focus on high added-value tasks?
With Odoo and our Effitrace Connector, automate and outsource your logistics management and take your business to the next level.


Your logistics managed from A to Z by your 3PL provider

Your 3PL provider takes full charge of your logistics, with automatic communication between Odoo and Effitrace. Thanks to the connector, you also have a clear view of your sales and logistics;


Outsourced and connected logistics to minimise errors

Installing the Odoo >< Effitrace Connector will enable you to streamline your processes and minimise the number of errors you make.


Your stocks adjusted in real time

Stock adjustments in your management software are translated directly into Odoo via the Inventory app. You keep a clear view of your stock, in real time.

Discover the advantages of a connection between Odoo and EffiTrace

Advanced interconnection, so you can stay focused on your business

During our collaboration with Nespart, we developed a customised connector, unique on the market, to link Odoo and EffiTrace. Thanks to this connector, Nespart has saved precious time, reduced errors and increased productivity in the blink of an eye!

Read what Nicolas, founder of Nespart, has to say about this unique connector and his collaboration with our team.

We installed the Odoo >< Effitrace Connector in their company....

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