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About Nespart

Nespart's philosophy is to bring innovation to the children's toy industry by combining aesthetics and fun.

Founded in 2019, Nespart is the brainchild of 3 young fathers who wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to the children's toy industry. Convinced that a toy should be as aesthetic as it is fun and playful for children, the trio decided to launch their own brand: KidyWolf. The company has gone from strength to strength and now distributes its products throughout Europe, both online and in chains of physical toy shops.



Creating a link between two software applications

Struggling to process all their B2B orders, the Nespart team turned to our experts for advice and support throughout their Odoo implementation. To manage their inventory, Nespart uses Effitrace, a business software package that is essential for maintaining links with their external service providers. Our developers therefore had to create a tailor-made solution to create a "one-stop shop". connection between Odoo and EffiTrace. What's more, our developers also had the challenge of implementing a Woocommerce connector, to link the company's stock to that of the website and thereby facilitate their online sales.


The solutions offered by The Service Company

Pillar 1

Digitalisation of processes

  • Integration of accounting, sales and purchasing in Odoo
  • Connection to the Nespart website
  • Development of a customised connector linking Odoo to EffiTrace for inventory management
  •  Implementation of Woocommerce to link the company's stock to that of the website

The results

  • Optimal process management
  • Bi-directional communication between Odoo and EffiTrace
  • Time-saving order management
  • Save time sending parcels to customers

The modules used :






Point of Sale


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