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You're hearing the terms 'digitalisation', 'digital transformation', 'Odoo', 'SEO' and 'natural referencing' everywhere... You're aware that you need to increase your "digital maturity", but you don't yet know how or in what order.

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three employees from the service company discussing points such as Creating your complete website on Odoo, they are all at a meeting table with 3 Mac Macbook pro laptops.

Digital technology is omnipresent in our lives

A complete digital transformation project affects every level of a company. Starting with management, HR, marketing, IT, logistics, accounting and sales, no department is spared;

A digital project can take as little as 3 months or as long as 1 year, depending on its complexity and scope. TSC is there to support you in the methodology and implementation of the various stages that are crucial to the success of your digital transformation;

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A gradual, made-to-measure digital transformation 

An effective action plan for your digital transformation

Although each company is different and will lead to a specific action plan, there are a number of operational, human and strategic considerations that remain common to the identification of a company's digital needs. 

Our teams Odoo et Web are here to help you identify your key digital needs, establish the priority and secondary stages and recommend an action plan for a gradual, tailor-made digital transformation.

the men from the service company around a table including Valery Jans, Brieuc Thoumsin and Ilias Bitar with their laptop and mobile phone as well as a screen displaying all the Odoo applications, odoo implementation

Digital audit 

½ day with one of our experts leading to the delivery of a short report (2 to 3 pages) containing a number of observations and recommendations for digital improvements to your business.

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Consultancy mission 

Duration to be defined together according to your objectives and expectations;

This mission can cover a number of stages, including analysing your market, your competitive environment, your internal operations, your current marketing strategy, your customer and supplier relations from a digital angle, but not only;

At the end of this assignment, you'll have a concrete action plan to start digitising your company in several chronological stages.

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If you're asking yourself these questions, you've come to the right place!

our founder Arnaud Percy founder of the service company odoo partner shows odoo applications on a screen in a room with large lamps

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