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Whether it's a showcase site to present your activities or an e-commerce site to sell your products, TSC can help you set up your website on Odoo.

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Complete creation of your website on Odoo

Our team will guide you through all the stages of thinking about and creating your showcase or e-commerce site on Odoo.

As an official Odoo partner, we offer you our services for the implementation of your showcase or e-commerce website on Odoo;

You want your website to properly reflect your company's image because it's the first thing your potential customers will look at! Together, we'll define a project based on your wishes, your market environment, your target audience and the message you want to get across 

Once the project has been validated, all you have to do is wait for the delivery of your operational website!

Take advantage of Websites and Marketing applications in your Odoo

You use Odoo on a daily basis and would like to add the Website Builder, eCommerce, Events or Appointments applications to communicate with your customers and prospects via a website that reflects your personality?

TSC can help you implement our applications, design your site and put it online. We are here to advise and train you so that you can master CSM and Odoo Website Builder;

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Take advantage of Websites and Marketing applications in your Odoo thanks to hélène Muckensturm who shows you odoo applications on a screen or tv
Analysis of the existing situation and your needs pictogram of a computer with different curves and a magnifying glass to analyse them closely

Analysis of existing systems and your needs

We take the time to analyse with you your existing site or the communications that have been developed for your company or the company you have acquired.

Design of graphic prototypes pictogram of a sheet with a pencil a lamp to indicate an idea and a mechanical tool to indicate a graphic movement

Design of graphic prototypes

Our team will brainstorm around your project and create graphic prototypes to present you with the structure and design for your future website.

Hard-hitting, SEO-friendly content pictogram of a sheet of paper and a bic pen

Hard-hitting, SEO-friendly content

We write SEO-friendly content for your site, using the information you provide about your activities to present your company and your services simply and effectively.

Development and responsive design pictogram indicating the difference between the mobile phone version and the computer version on chrome or internet and ensuring that these two designs are both responsive and consistent.

Development and responsive design

Our team will set up your website based on the design you have approved. All our websites are responsive design, adapting to different screens (PC, smartphone, tablet).

Finalisation and corrections pictogram of a sheet attached with a trunbon and various things written on this sheet as well as boxes to be ticked and a bic pen to tick or untick them.

Finalisation and corrections

We provide you with a development version of your website so that you can browse it before it goes live. We make any necessary corrections.

Putting your website online pictogram of a rocket hurtling into space to indicate the launch or putting online of a new internet website created by tsc the service company

Putting your website online

We will contact your IT department or reserve your domain name with you so that your new website can go live.

An SEO-friendly website on Odoo

From initial thought to final design, the structure of your site, its content,optimisation for mobile devices and the readability of the code are all factors that need to be taken into account to improve your SEO and display your pages in Google search results.

At TSC, we deliver your website or e-commerce taking these factors into account, to help you optimise your SEO and rise higher in the search results relevant to your business on Google. We'll deliver a high-performance website or e-commerce solution that keeps pace with your growing business needs.

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86% of Belgian companies have a website, but only 24% offer online ordering or booking options for their services or products*.

*Stabel ICT survey of companies in 2020

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