Pourquoi opter pour un ERP au sein de votre entreprise ?

Need to make life easier for your SME? Have you thought about implementing an ERP? Whatever your sector of activity, you'll have the advantage of developing your business and saving time. There are various licences on the market, each with its own advantages and functionalities. So it's essential to make the right choice.

What is ERP? 

An ERP is a tool for managing your company's resources in real time. It takes care of certain tasks for you, keeps your databases up to date automatically and enables communication between the various parties involved.

And in concrete terms?

Concrètement, un ERP va faire en sorte de réduire les coûts de production et d'augmenter la productivité. 
Certains ERP, dont Odoo, proposent une série d'applications parmi lesquelles il y en a, dédiées à la gestion financière de votre entreprise. Ainsi, un ERP peut, par exemple, gérer votre compatibilité tout en prenant en compte les autres modules/applications. 

Why ERP?

The main advantage of an ERP is that it brings together a series of tools that an SME may have separately. It will therefore cover all a company's needs, quickly and efficiently. In this way, data entered once is taken into account by the various applications. Everything from production management to finance, including purchasing, sales and many others is linked, resulting in increased productivity.

Automating tasks on an ERP system saves time and reduces operating costs. You can save your energy and use it for other tasks. It also means that all your resources are optimised, so you can plan projects that will be more profitable in principle. 

An ERP system gives every company better management

Which one to choose?

After all this information, you're probably wondering what the best choice is. If you're looking for a complete software package that's constantly evolving and is one of the most widely installed in the world, choose Odoo!


Odoo is an open-source software package with a series of integrated applications designed to meet all a company's needs.

The applications

Invoicing, accounting...

CRM, POS, Sales...

Website, eCommerce, BtoB portal...

Inventory, MRP, Purchasing...

Employees, Recruitment, Leave...

Email Marketing, Marketing Automation...

Projects, Timesheet, Assistance...

Chat, Validations, VoIP...

These applications are compatible and ensure data centralisation, not to mention process automation (business management + customer relations).

In conclusion, an ERP is fundamental to the smooth running of your business. However, you need to find the right one.

TSC has chosen to be an Odoo partner because this company offers a complete, reliable and customisable ERP. TSC is therefore well placed to support your company in its digital transformation. We would be delighted to hear from you and to be at your disposal. Choose TSC, an Odoo partner, and be a winner. 

Do you have any questions about Odoo? Would you like to implement it?

Our team will be delighted to discuss your challenges with you.

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